Our History

Caber Beer, the craft brewery located in Spoleto, in the so called "green heart of Italy", was born out of the enthusiasm and passion of a man, Renzo Caberlon, who started brewing as a hobby. The hobby became an obsession.
Eventually this obsession resulted in a very serious operation and Caber Beer was launched.

Born and raised by the creativity and the loving care of the Master Brewer, the quality and authenticity of our beer are guaranteed by the use of all natural ingredients and the originality of the recipes.
The careful blending of water, grains, hops and yeast gives rise to a range of classic yet contemporary beers that blend Belgian/English style with Italian flair.
Caber Ales, full bodied and fruity, are best enjoyed with friends as there is nothing better than sharing an emotion.

Caber Beer is environment friendly as the brewery works using only renewable energy. We strongly believe in environmental sustainability to contribute to a real improvement of our lives quality.