The beating heart of the brewery is the production facility by 1.800 liters, accompanied by one fermentation cellar with three fermenters with a capacity of 2.000 liters each and one conditioning room that contains a bottling machine with rotary filling and capping system. The brewery is arranged on 220 square metres and it will soon be widened to get to 400.

The artisanal spirit is not a matter of trends but it's just the everyday life. The proven accuracy and professionalism ensured that an increasing number of beer firm would be asking us to produce their OWN beers. The trust of these "breweries without the installation" repays our hard work. The sharing of experiences and opinions develops and reinforces our professional and human knowledge.

The production has expanded to a variety of styles that has led us to work with over 20 different kinds of recipes: the traditional Golden Ale and Imperial Stout, the popular IPA and an original Blonde flavored with hemp flowers.